The Charter Of The Fund

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charitable Foundation
"battle of Stalingrad"
Volgograd 2015



1.1. International charitable Foundation "battle of Stalingrad", hereinafter referred to as "the Fund" is not a member of a charitable organization established for the purposes specified in this Charter.

1.2. Full name of Fund in Russian: the international charity Fund "battle of Stalingrad". The abbreviated name of Fund in Russian: Foundation of "battle of Stalingrad". Name of the Fund in English: International Charitable Fund "The Battle of Stalingrad".

1.3. The Fund was established and operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal law of the Russian Federation "On charitable activities and charitable organizations", other current legislation of the Russian Federation and this Charter and are governed by generally accepted international principles, norms and standards.

1.4. The Fund is a legal entity since its state registration under Russian law.

1.5. The Fund may on its own behalf, acquire property and personal nonproperty rights, bear duties, be a plaintiff and defendant in court, arbitration or arbitration courts, in the interests of achieving the statutory goals to commit transactions consistent with the statutory goals of the Fund.

1.6. The Fund has the isolated property and independent balance, settlement and other accounts in banks, round seal, stamp, logo, letterheads with its name.

1.7. The Fund's activities are transparent, and information about its founding and program documents is available to the public.

1.8. The location of the Fund: 400131, Volgograd, street of Port said 8A.



2.1. The objective of the Fund is to develop property on the basis of voluntary contributions and other not prohibited by law, income and use of this property for charitable activities as outlined in the Charter of the Fund.

2.2. Charitable activities are carried out in order to:

  • 1 Social support and protection of citizens including improvement of financial position needy, social rehabilitation of unemployed, disabled and other persons who, because of their physical or intellectual peculiarities, other circumstances cannot independently realize their rights and legitimate interests;
  • 2 the promotion of peace, friendship and consent among Nations, prevention of social, national, religious conflicts; assisting activities in the spheres of education, science, culture, art, enlightenment, spiritual development of an individual; the provision of free legal aid and legal education of the population;
  • 3 promoting volunteerism;
  • 4 promoting Patriotic, spiritual and moral education of children and youth;
  • 5 support socially significant youth initiatives, projects of youth movements, children's and youth organizations; 6 protection and due content of buildings, objects and territories having historical, cult, cultural or nature protection importance and burial places;
  • 7 promote activities in the field of prevention and protection of health of citizens, and also propaganda of healthy lifestyle, improvement of moral and psychological condition of citizens;
  • 8 promoting activities in the sphere of physical culture and mass sports;
  • 9 social rehabilitation of children-orphans, children left without parental care, street children, children in difficult life situation;
  • 10 participation in activities for prevention of neglect and offenses of minors;
  • 11 promoting the prevention of socially dangerous forms of behaviour of citizens; facilitate the development of research, artistic creativity of children and young people;
  • 12 promotion activities for production and (or) distribution of social advertising;
  • assist victims of social, national, religious conflicts, victims of repressions, refugees and internally displaced persons.

2.3. . The subject of activity of Fund is implemented in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation the following types of activities aimed at achieving the objectives for which the Foundation was created:

  • social support and protection of veterans (all veteran categories listed in the Federal law "On veterans" 5-FZ, dated 12.01.1995 years), seniors and people with disabilities;
  • development and implementation of programs and projects aimed at addressing
  • socio-economic, socio-legal and socio-psychological problems of veterans, seniors and people with disabilities;
  • promoting activities aimed at improving the quality of and social support for veterans, seniors and people with disabilities;
  • implementation of all types of public control over the quality of the social sphere and the rights of veterans, seniors and people with disabilities;
  • preservation, studying and popularization of historical heritage of Russia; scientific-research, scientific-organizational, scientific-educational activity: organization and conducting of scientific conferences of all levels, forums, symposiums, round tables, public lectures, seminars, webinars, exhibitions, tours, competitions, contests, quizzes on the history of Russia;
  • the memorialization of historical sites, to promote the process of museification;
  • promote historical restoration and historical-reenactment activity;
  • promoting reorganization of the museums of regional and Federal significance, the organization of regional, national and international exhibition projects;
  • the creation of virtual museums, electronic directories, databases and other Internet resources to promote the history of Russia for Russian and foreign audience;
  • promote the publication and dissemination in Russia and abroad, monographs, lectures, textbooks, memoirs, reference books, bibliographies, manuals, guides for historical and memorable places and other scientific and popular literature on the history of Russia;
  • promote research on the history of the economy of the region and Russia as a whole;
  • support of Russian and foreign public, academic, educational organizations and individuals concerned with the study of Russian history;
  • the support of the scientific inter-regional and international exchange; promoting inter-regional and international student exchange;
  • facilitate the organization and carrying out of solemn and festive events devoted to memorable dates of Russian history; the establishment and awarding of the prizes and awards Fund to individuals and legal entities who contributed to the study of the history of Russia;
  • assistance in the implementation of programs on development of mechanisms of public control over the quality of teaching of humanitarian disciplines;
  • the development of information and educational resources that promote the civic participation of citizens and strengthening of civil society institutions;
  • assistance in the implementation of projects in the field of civil education;
  • assistance in the implementation of programs of additional professional education;
  • development and implementation of projects aimed at implementation of distance education, introduction of electronic textbooks for institutions of secondary and higher education, including for students with disabilities (HIA);
  • promote the implementation of the program of spiritual-moral and Patriotic development of students with disabilities;
  • the support of the military-Patriotic, search and movement in order to perpetuate the memory of fallen defenders of the Fatherland and the preservation of military glory of Russia;
  • promoting activities aimed at the rehabilitation, improvement and maintenance of places of military glory, war graves, historic sites and monuments;
  • promoting the Patriotic education of youth, formation of healthy lifestyle, strengthening of moral and physical health of the younger generation;
  • to promote activities for the development of public diplomacy, development of international contacts, strengthening of peace, friendship and accord between peoples of different countries;
  • assist in the formation of interreligious tolerance;
  • the promotion of friendship between the peoples of the Russian Federation;
  • promote adaptation of migrants and integrate them into a single legal and cultural field in Russia;
  • support initiatives of citizens and legal persons, the relevant statutory goals of the Foundation;
  • cooperation with Russian, foreign and international state, social, scientific, commercial, non-profit and charitable organizations, institutions of education and culture, other institutions, organizations and associations, private individuals in the implementation of the statutory goals of the Fund;
  • the organisation and carrying out of actions aimed at
  • to attract donations from individuals and legal entities in Russia and abroad necessary for the implementation of statutory objectives;
  • to promote activities in the field of scientific and cultural exchange, domestic and international tourism in accordance with the statutory purposes of the Fund;
  • the performance of all types of sociological researches aimed at implementing the statutory goals of the Fund;
  • implementation of all types of public control aimed at implementing the statutory goals of the Fund;
  • promote the creation of print, video, television, radio and Internet projects in order to inform and support the implementation of the programs of the Fund and their allocation in the Russian and foreign press, TV, radio, Internet resources;
  • Perform other not prohibited by current legislation of activities to achieve the objectives defined by the Charter.


3.1. Founder: Bunin, Alexander, G. R. 20.08.1963, 08 233289 passport IS issued by the office of the Federal migration service of Russia in Volgograd region, in the Central district of Volgograd, 13.01.2009.

3.2. Participants can be under 18 years of age citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship and legal entities, ready to accept the Charter of the Fund and to participate in the activities of the Fund. Reception of citizens in participants of Fund is carried out on the basis of the application for entering of a citizen, legal person - on the basis of the decision of its governing body. The membership of the Fund by decision of the Foundation Council.

3.3. Participants of Fund have the right to:

  • to obtain information on the activities of the Fund;
  • to Express to the Board of Fund and officers of the Fund any proposals on improvement of activity of Fund;
  • to participate in the activities of the Fund;
  • to elect and be elected to elective bodies of the Foundation;
  • free to withdraw from participating in the Fund.

3.4. Participants of Fund are obliged:

  • to facilitate the work of the Foundation;
  • to refrain from any action (omission) that is likely to harm the activities of the Fund;
  • to implement the decisions of electoral bodies, adopted within its competence;
  • to comply with the Statute of the Fund.

3.5. Fund participant ceases participation in the Fund by application (decision) at the meeting of the Board of the Fund.

3.6. A participant is deemed to have withdrawn from it since the filing of the application (decision) at the meeting of the Board of the Fund.

3.7. The participants of the Fund may be excluded from the Fund for violation of the Charter and for actions damaging the Foundation or causing damage.

3.8. Exception of participants in the Fund is made by the Board of the Fund, by a majority of not less than 2/3 votes of the members present of the Board of the Fund or by decision of the Founder of the Fund.



4.1. The highest collegiate governing body of the Foundation is the Foundation Council.

4.2. The Board of the Fund at the time of establishment approved by the Founder of the Fund.

4.3. In the future, the members of the Foundation Council are appointed by the Founder of the Fund.

4.4. The term of office of three years.

4.5. Quantitative structure - five.

4.6. The members of the Foundation Council ahead of schedule stopped its powers at his own request or by decision of the Founder of the Fund.

4.7. The Foundation Board meets one or twice a year. A meeting of the Board of the Foundation shall, if it is present in more than half of the members of the Foundation Council.

4.8. The exclusive competence of the Foundation Council include:

  • the definition of priority activities of the Fund;
  • the amendment of the Charter of the Fund;
  • the appointment of the Executive Director of the Foundation and early termination of his powers;
  • formation of the Executive bodies of the Fund, its control and
  • auditing bodies;
  • the development and approval of charitable programs and projects;
  • development and approval of applications for grants;
  • approval of annual plan, budget of the Fund and its annual report;
  • decision-making on creation of economic societies and non-profit organizations, about participation in them, the opening of branches and representative offices;
  • approval by Fund's transactions in the cases provided by law.

4.9. Decisions of the Foundation Council are taken by majority vote.



5.1. The sole Executive body of Fund is the Executive Director.

5.2. The Executive Director is appointed by the Board of the Fund.

5.3. The term of office of the Executive Director of the Fund is three years.

5.4. The Executive Director carries out the current management of the Fund:

  • convene the Council of the Foundation;
  • without power of attorney acts on behalf of the Fund, represents it in all institutions, organizations and enterprises on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • represent the Foundation in government bodies, in front of all state institutions and public organizations;
  • administers the funds of the Foundation;
  • addresses issues of economic and financial activity of the Fund;
  • concludes contracts and performs other legal actions on behalf of the Foundation, acquires and manages the property, opens and closes accounts in banks, sign contracts, obligations on behalf of the Fund;
  • organizes work on implementation of the Fund income-generating activities;
  • carries out control over activity of branches and representative offices of the Foundation;
  • organizes accounting and reporting;
  • prepares proposals on charitable programs of the Foundation;
  • issues orders and orders;
  • approves the staffing table, job descriptions, internal regulations;
  • in accordance with the labor legislation employs and dismisses employees of the Fund;
  • maintains records of Fund Participants in a separate register.

5.5. Decisions of the Executive Director of the Fund compulsory for all members of the Fund.



6.1. The Board of Trustees on a voluntary basis supervises the Fund's activities and decisions and ensuring their execution, with the use of the Fund and ^the observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.2. The Board of Trustees is elected by the Board of the Fund for a period of three years and operates in accordance with its regulations approved by the Board of the Fund.

6.3. Trustees may not be officers of the Fund.

6.4. The Board of Trustees operates on a voluntary basis.



7.1. Control over financial and economic activity of the Fund is implementing the Auditor of the Foundation elected by the Foundation Council for a period of one year.

7.2. Auditor of the Fund carries out the annual audit of financial activities of the Fund at least once a year.

7.3. Auditor of the Fund is entitled to require from the officers of the Fund all necessary documents and personal explanations.

7.4. Auditor of the Fund represents the results of the examinations Board.

7.5. Auditor of the Fund cannot be a member of the Board of the Fund.



8.1. Sources of formation of property of Fund in monetary and other forms are:

  • regular and nonrecurrent receipts from the participants of the Fund;
  • voluntary property contributions and donations;
  • dividends (incomes, interests) received on shares, bonds, other securities and deposits;
    • the income derived from the property of the Fund;
    • revenue from sales of goods, works and services (the revenues held in accordance with the Charter of the Fund of lectures, exhibitions, lotteries, auctions, cultural, sport and other activities, income from business activities of the Fund, civil - legal transactions, foreign trade activities of the Fund and other not prohibited by law revenues.

8.2. The property of the Fund may be in accordance with applicable law: land plots, buildings, structures, constructions, housing Fund, transport, equipment, inventory, property of cultural-educational and improving purpose, money resources, shares and other valuable bemagazine securities and other property necessary for material

ensure statutory activities of the Fund.

8.3. The Fund may create economic partnerships, companies and other economic organizations with legal entity status, as well as acquire property intended for conducting

entrepreneurship. Income from business activities of the Fund are redistributed among the participants of the Fund and shall be used only for achievement of the objectives of the Fund.

8.4. The Fund may make with respect to his property or other proprietary right of property any transactions not contradicting the law, this Constitution and the relevant statutory purposes of the Fund.

8.5. The assets of the Fund remaining after satisfaction of creditors in case of its dissolution, is directed to charitable purposes.



9.1. The Fund is entitled to open branches and representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation with observance of requirements of the legislation.

9.2. Opening Foundation of branches and representative offices on the territory of foreign States is carried out in accordance with the laws of these countries, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of the Russian Federation.

9.3. Branches p representative offices are not legal entities and act on the basis of Regulations on branches and representative offices of the Foundation.

9.4. Heads of branches and representative offices are appointed by the Board of the Foundation and act on the basis of power of attorney issued by the Executive Director of the Foundation.



10.1. The activities of the Fund may be terminated by liquidation. The liquidation of the Fund shall be in the manner specified by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

10.2. The decision about liquidation of a Foundation may only take the court at the request of interested persons. the Fund can be liquidated:

  • if the assets of the Fund are insufficient to implement its objectives and probability of obtaining necessary property is unrealistic;
  • if the purpose of the Fund cannot be reached and appropriate changes of Foundation's objectives cannot be made;
  • in the case of Fund evasion in its activity from the objectives stipulated in its Charter;
  • in other cases envisaged by the Federal law.



11.1. Changes and additions to the Charter are approved by the Board of the Fund and are subject to state registration.

11.2. State registration of changes and additions to the Charter Fund shall be in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

11.3. Changes and additions to the Charter of the Fund shall enter into force from the moment of their state registration.

The entry about state registration entered into the Unified state register of legal entities 15.10.2012 bin 1123400003275

the entry about state registration of amendments to the Charter made 15.10.2015 No. 2153443399283 (account number 3414010082)

Numbered, bound and sealed by eleven sheets

The Head Of Department