Fund "Battle of Stalingrad" set a countryman, who left an inscription at the Reichstag.

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Fund "Battle of Stalingrad" set a countryman, who left an inscription at the Reichstag.

Was here Leonov Ivan G. Stalingrad area, Mikhaylovskiy rayon, the farm "Krasnyy Khoper" 5-6 and 9 July 1945 field mail 05825 Write!


When you visit the Reichstag among the surviving inscriptions, accidentally discovered an inscription left by our countryman. The inscription reads:

here was
Leonov Ivan G.
Stalingrad oblast,
Mikhailovsky district,
collective farm "Krasnyy Khoper"
5-6 and 9 July 1945
field post 05825

Thanks to the staff of the Volgograd regional military registration and enlistment office, Fund "battle of Stalingrad" found out the details of the military way from Stalingrad to Berlin, having studied his personal business.

Mobilized 3 Sep 1941, Mikhailovsky district, enrolled in 26 independent infantry brigade of the southern front as commander of a platoon of PTR. From April to may 1943 he was treated in the EG 6874 in the town of Tula, later a student of the graduate courses of command structure during 16-th army of the Western front. From August 1942 - assistant chief of staff, a separate infantry battalion, 4th infantry brigade separate 16-th army. 19 July 1943 seriously wounded in the fighting during the crossing of the river Zhizdra. From August 1945 to March 1946- the assistant to the Military commandant on economic issues of the Military commandant, Camberg in Germany, and later economist planning and accounting group at the Military commandant's office of Wittenberg in Germany.
During the war, I. G., Leonov was twice wounded.


Awarded the order of Patriotic war 2nd degree and the medal "For victory over Germany". After the war he returned to the Mikhailovsky district, worked as a secondary school teacher, a freight forwarder, a forest Ranger, a carpenter.



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