STALINGRAD: 75 years of the Victory

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STALINGRAD (July 1942)
Interview of the President of the Foundation Of radio "Russia-Volgograd" on the first months of defense of Stalingrad devoted to the known and little-studied issues of historical science.

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16/07/2017 Discussion the first days of the battle of Stalingrad dedicated to the transmission of the radio station "RUSSIA".

for Stalingrad!
"Radio Russia "and The Central Museum of the great Patriotic war are the program"time to remember."
17 July marks the seventy five anniversary of the start of the battle of Stalingrad. The military history of Russia knows many examples of courage, heroism, military valor of soldiers on the battlefield and the strategic genius of commanders. But Stalingrad epic stands out particularly...
Two hundred days and nights on the banks of the don and the Volga, and then at the walls of Stalingrad and directly in the city continued this fierce battle. She turned around at the vast area of about one hundred thousand square kilometers with the length of the front from four hundred to eight hundred fifty kilometers. It was attended by over two million people on both sides.
According to some reports, all began on July 16; Alexey Isaev found in the log of military operations data on the first fight. At 20:00 four German tanks secretly approached to the farm Gold and opened fire at group. The first battle of Stalingrad lasted no more than half an hour.
Our tankers said that two German tanks, one anti-tank gun and another tank were destroyed. The loss of the unit made up of one T-34 burned and two damaged. The first battle of the bloody months-long battle has not been marked by anyone's death: loss of two tank companies consisted of eleven people wounded. With two damaged tanks of the detachment came back...
By and large, the start date of the battle of Stalingrad is largely conditional. I agree with this and our interlocutor - senior researcher of the Scientific and educational Department of the Central Museum of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Dmitry Belov...