The heroic deeds of the soldiers of the 64th army of General the battle for Stalingrad

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The heroic deeds of the soldiers of the 64th army of General the battle for Stalingrad

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The heroic deeds of the soldiers of the 64th army of General the battle for Stalingrad


Международный благотворительный фонд «Сталинградская битва»

400005, Россия, Волгоград ул. Советская, д.43 Тел: +7(961) 688 7771

Факс: +7(8442) 52 1945


International Charitable Fund «The Battle of Stalingrad»

43, Sovetskaya str., 400005 Volgograd, Russia

Tel: +7(961) 688 7771

Fax: +7(8442) 52 1945




Fund "battle of Stalingrad"

The Project "Heroic Stalingrad"


Military-historical reconstruction

 "The heroic deeds of the soldiers of the 64th army in battle of Stalingrad".


        For the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the battle of Stalingrad a non-profit organization Fund "battle of Stalingrad" has prepared a draft "Heroic Stalingrad".  It includes three military-historical reconstruction, telling about the heroic pages of defence of our city.

       On August 27 in Traktorozavodsky area hosted a reconstruction of "the Feat of the people's militia in the battle for Stalingrad tractor factory".

       On 17 September in Voroshilov district of Volgograd was presented reconstruction ""the Landing of seamen-severomortsev in the Stalingrad grain Elevator. The battle on the outskirts of the Elevator."


       October 21, in the Kirov district Fund "battle of Stalingrad" will show the residents and guests of the city the third reconstruction, dedicated to the heroic deeds of the soldiers of the 64th army, General Shumilova M. S. on  the South line of defense of Stalingrad. Participants military-historical clubs rekonstruiruet street fighting in Stalingrad, shows the actions of the Soviet assault group and a sniper of calculations in the conditions of urban combat.


       Reconstruction began at 14.00.

       Place of reconstruction:

       Kirovskiy district. OST. "Aviagorodok". Abandoned military camp near the village of "Aviagorodok".

       The event will be attended by re-enactors from different cities of Russia will be involved military equipment since the great Patriotic war.


Before the reconstruction (11.00 am)will work of military history and interactive entertainment Playground. Visitors to the event will be able to communicate with members of military-historical clubs, to see Soviet and German military uniforms, small arms, military equipment, to look at demonstration performances of fighters of special troops of the Military unit 22220.

       The event is held with support of: Federal Agency for youth Affairs;  Administration of Volgograd, a Military-historical club "Infantryman", the Russian military-historical society, Museum-reserve "battle of Stalingrad", GOU SPO "the Volgograd technical school of water transport named after Admiral of the fleet N. D. Sergeyev", Military unit 22220, the International Association of veterans of division of Antiterror  "alpha",  The Volgograd branch of the International public Fund "Russian Peace Foundation", the Regional branch of DOSAAF of Russia of the Volgograd region, Committee of youth policy and tourism of administration of Volgograd, OOO "Provider of health", "Peace awards".


Phone to media:  +7 961 688 7771

Executive Director of the Foundation "battle of Stalingrad"

Bunin Alexander

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