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 12 / Июнь / 2014   2108   Международный благотворительный фонд "Сталинградская битва"




Turov, Vladimir Semenovich - the Participant of the Stalingrad battle, the Colonel in resignation.

Honorary Chairman Of The Foundation.

Alyaev Mikhail Vladimirovich - candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, Dean

Volgograd cooperative Institute (branch) of Russian University of cooperation. Fund Participant.

Annenkov, Vladimir Nikolaevich - candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor GAU DPO "Volgograd Academy of postgraduate education". Fund Participant.

Ahmadulin Vyacheslav Abdulovich - candidate of historical Sciences, researcher of the Military Academy of the General staff of the armed forces, researcher at the office of the Council of Muftis of Russia. Fund Participant.

Akhremenko, Denis Anatolievich - the Chairman of public organization "Historical consciousness", a member of the world Council of Subcarpathian Ruthenians. Fund Participant.

Azatova Alfiya - the Vice-President of the Association "Maison France-Tatarstan",  the representative of the Fund "battle of Stalingrad" in France.

Belov Dmitry Aleksandrovich - candidate of historical Sciences. The President Of The Foundation.

Bunin Alexander Viktorovich - Head of Department of international projects. Executive Director of the Foundation.

Burenok Sergey Olegovich - doctor of historical Sciences, the Professor of the Department of General

history, Samara state pedagogical University. Fund Participant.

Vorob'ev Evgenii Petrovich - candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of history, Volgograd state University of architecture and construction. Fund Participant.

Diego Alexey Viktorovich - Head of Department on work with volunteers. Member Of The Board Of The Fund.

Eremin and Vladislav V. - student, Faculty of political science of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov. Fund Participant.

Esin Kirill Alexandrovich - Head of Department of information support.

Zhilin Sergey Sergeevich - Deputy Director.

Medvedev Alexey Viktorovich - Head of Department of military-Patriotic and search operation, the Commander of search group "the mound", a Member of the Foundation Board.

Merzoev Ibrahim Khamidovich - Head of Department for interregional and

inter-ethnic cooperation.

Ogarkova Elena Vladimirovna - candidate of historical Sciences, senior research

employee of the State budgetary culture institution "the Volgograd Museum of fine arts. Mashkov". Fund Participant

Surzhik Dmitry Viktorovich - candidate of historical Sciences, academic Secretary of the Center

the history of wars and geopolitics of Institute of General history, Russian Academy of Sciences. Fund Participant

Ul'yanova ol'ga Yur'evna - doctor of economic Sciences, Professor, representative of the Foundation "battle of Stalingrad" in Germany.

Shutov, Konstantin Aleksandrovich - member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia, the graduate of VGIK, Director of the operator, the author of the trilogy documentary "Soldiers of Stalingrad". Head of historical and Patriotic projects.