The main activities of the Fund

 27 / Февраль / 2018   583   

1.The main directions

Assistance to Veterans of the great Patriotic war.

The study, preservation and popularization of historical heritage of the battle of Stalingrad.

Patriotic education of youth.


The goals and objectives of the Foundation (extract from the Charter)

"...The charity is run in order to:

Social support and protection of veterans of the great Patriotic war (WWII);

Promote activities in the field of education, science, culture, enlightenment, spiritual development of the individual;

Protection and due content of buildings, objects, areas, burial sites relevant to the history of the battle of Stalingrad;

Deystviya the strengthening of peace, friendship and consent among Nations, prevention of social, national and religious conflicts;

Promoting Patriotic, spiritual and moral education of children and youth;

To implement the statutory purposes in accordance with applicable law

Russian Federation the Foundation carries out the following activities and the following tasks:

Development and implementation of programs and projects to support veterans;

Promoting activities aimed at the provision of material, legal, humanitarian and social assistance to veterans;

Assisting in the organization of cultural activities of veterans;

The cooperation and assistance of specialized medical institutions veterans;

To promote activities aimed at studying and popularization of history of the battle of Stalingrad; the support of the Russian and foreign public, academic, educational organizations and individuals concerned with the study of the history of the battle of Stalingrad;

Organization and holding of scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, round tables, school and inter-University competitions in the history of the battle of Stalingrad,

The establishment and award of prizes and awards Fund to individuals and legal entities who contributed to the study of the history of the battle of Stalingrad;

The establishment and the provision of scholarships Fund the students who study the battle of Stalingrad;

Facilitate the organization and holding of business meetings, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, programs, shows, meetings, sporting events associated with the goals and objectives of the Fund, both in Russia and abroad;

Facilitate the organization and carrying out of solemn and festive events devoted to memorable dates of the battle of Stalingrad;

The creation of the international Internet and video projects on the history of the "battle of Stalingrad";

Promote the publication and dissemination in Russia and abroad materials on the battle of Stalingrad;

Deistvie activities aimed at the rehabilitation, improvement and maintenance of places of military glory and military graves;

Assistance activities for search of unknown military graves of participants of the Stalingrad battle;

Promotion of Patriotic and international education of youth, formation of healthy lifestyle in strengthening the moral and physical health of the younger generation;

Promote activities to develop international contacts, strengthening of peace, friendship and accord between peoples of different countries;

Support initiatives of citizens and legal persons, the relevant statutory goals of the Foundation;

Events to collect donations and attract sponsors, interested individuals and legal entities to Finance activities of the Foundation related to the goals identified in this Charter;

Cooperation with Russian and foreign organizations to achieve the statutory purposes of the Fund;

The creation of printed, audio and video products for the purposes of informational support and implementation of programs aimed at achieving the objectives of the Fund;

Promote the creation of television and radio programs on the issue of Fund implementation of other educational, scientific, research, investment, consultancy and commercial activities to achieve the goals and objectives specified in this Charter."