Online contest "We helped Stalingrad!" - Международный интернет-конкурс "Мы помогали Сталинграду!"

 09 / Октябрь / 2019    1216   

Online contest

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Online contest "We helped Stalingrad!" - Международный интернет-конкурс "Мы помогали Сталинграду!"

The project aims to strengthen and expand friendly contacts in the field of public diplomacy between the civil societies of Russia and the United Kingdom.


Dear friends!


The independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization International Charitable Foundation "Battle of Stalingrad"

(STALINGRAD FOUNDATION) ( ) from Volgograd (Stalingrad) invites you to participate in the online contest "We helped Stalingrad!"

Inhabitants ofhundreds of British cities, hundreds of British companies and organizations helped Stalingrad during the

Second World War.


The goals of the contest

1. To contribute to the preservation of the history of British-Russian friendship and cooperation during the Second World War.

2. To promote the expansion of friendly contacts between the civil society of Britain and Russia.


Our contest is a gratitude and tribute to the people of Great Britain for their help

Let's remember and save for posterity the forgotten pages of the history of solidarity and friendship of the peoples of

Britain and Russia during the Second World War.

Take part in the contest and contribute to the development of friendly relations between the peoples of Great Britain and






1. Register on Facebook!

2 .Join the contest group

3. Find your city, village, organization, relatives in the DATA BASE

4. We are looking for historical documents about helping Stalingrad during the Second World War and the descendants

of those who helped Stalingrad.

5. Ask your older relatives for help to Stalingrad.

6. Find information on helping Stalingrad in the city archive, museums, library, family archive.

7. Post documents, photos, newspaper articles, memoirs, leaflets, posters, etc. to the contest group on Facebook or send us an email

8. We will be also grateful for any information about the British-Russian military, political, diplomatic and humanitarian

cooperation during the Second World War.

9. All participants will receive participant certificates from the STALINGRAD FOUNDATION.

10. Active participants will be invited to Stalingrad (Volgograd) in April - May 2020!

11. The results of the contest will be published on March 2, 2020.

12. We welcome initiatives aimed at achieving the goals of the contest.

13. We hope for your support and active participation in the contest!!!


Feel free to ask any questions by phone or email.

+7 903 479 5829 (WhatsApp) Dmitry (in English)

+7 961 688 7771 Александр (на русском языке)


Welcome to Stalingrad!


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